Empowering Young Adults Our Programs Fresh Check Day Fresh Check Day continued its national expansion in 2016. We added a new Outreach Coordinator position to our staff, which helped us reach 58 Fresh Check Day events across 14 states, including new states like Vermont, Ohio, Florida, Minnesota, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia. 15,000 students participated in Fresh Check Days around the country and received vital mental health and suicide prevention messaging. The Connecticut National Guard hosted their third annual Fresh Check Day for the soldiers in the Recruit Sustainment Program. Three new interactive booths were added to Fresh Check Day’s roster of booth options in an effort to respond to campus needs and further enhance comprehensive messaging. Additionally, a new booth called “Mood Matters” was piloted at 10 campuses in partnership with the International Bipolar Foundation. In 2016, implementation changes were made in order to increase capacity to allow for more colleges to be served. Nine out of Ten In 2016, our standalone Nine out of Ten program reached 330 students at 5 colleges and universities. Wanting to reach more students and have a greater impact, Jordan Porco Foundation staff members evaluated the results of our existing Nine out of Ten program and met to determine its future direction. We decided to revise Nine out of Ten as an Ambassador program, with the goal of creating a program that would better engage college students than the previous program model. Throughout the fall, we worked to create new goals and content for the improved Nine out of Ten Ambassador program, utilizing grant funding from DPH and the Wheeler Clinic. The full revised program will launch in 2017. 4 What’s Next In 2016, the Jordan Porco Foundation continued development of our new high school program, 4 What’s Next, with pilots at Windham High School in Willimantic, CT and the Walnut Hill School of the Arts in Natick, MA. We also conducted a focus group with educators, school administrators, mental health professionals, and parents of high school students to gain valuable insights and feedback. The program development is nearing completion, with multiple pilots of the full program planned for 2017. Jordan Porco Foundation 2016 Annual Report 11