Message From The President Dear Friends, On behalf of the Board of Directors, Clinical Advisors, and Staff, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the donors, volunteers, and partners who have supported our mission of creating HOPE for young adults. During 2016, the Jordan Porco Foundation experienced unprecedented national growth for Fresh Check Day. Your financial support directly impacted 15,000 students at 54 colleges and universities in 14 states. Our partnership with the Connecticut Injury Prevention Center in Hartford and the development of an electronic survey tool has been another conduit for expanding our message and further validating its effectiveness. In 2016, we also had the opportunity to continue developing two new programs to respond to the growing needs of our young adult population. Our 4 What’s Next program focuses on topics that provide primary prevention and resiliency skills for juniors and seniors in high school as they plan for their future. Nine out of Ten was revised as a student ambassador program, allowing college students to engage in year-round advocacy and awareness activities with the goal of spreading the message of Nine out of Ten: Be aware, speak up, reach out, and help someone. The vision for this foundation has surpassed anything that could have been imagined in 2011. We never anticipated that the need for peer-centered lifesaving programs would only grow in demand, sadly, because of an increased need. Yes, the rate of suicides across the lifespan has increased by nearly 8% since 2011. This is a sad reality, yet we continue to counter the energy that leads young adults to a state of hopelessness by designing a space that promotes compassion, help-seeking, and support. Suicide prevention work requires teamwork, on all levels. The programs we design for young adults remind them that we are all “in it for life” engaging countless struggling students (and their peers) across our country. We know our programs are saving lives. We’ve been able to accomplish this vision because of your generous support. We know that brain illnesses affect each and every family, with varying degrees of severity. We know that the cost to society is in the billions. We also know that we can change how we approach it, talk about it, and support each other. Your continued financial support helps us provide the tools for young adults to find their way when they or someone they care about is impacted. We can only continue to make a difference with your financial support. Thank you for being part of this journey with us since 2011. Your ongoing support will continue to shine a light on this important public health issue and provide HOPE for those who struggle. Marisa Giarnella-Porco, LCSW President, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jordan Porco Foundation 2016 Annual Report 3