Nine Out of Ten

Nine out of Ten – a peer run suicide prevention program

One in ten college students contemplates suicide. Nine out of Ten can help someONE.

Nine out of Ten is based on the statistic that one in ten college students contemplates suicide. That means Nine out of Ten students have an opportunity to help each one who is struggling.

The Jordan Porco Foundation created the Nine out of Ten program and website to educate students about the warning signs of suicide, available resources, and action steps to take if a friend is thinking about suicide. With this knowledge, students are empowered to be gatekeepersfor their peers and get them help if they’re struggling with their mental health.

Research has shown that peer education is one of the most effective ways to educate students about mental health and suicide. For that reason, we created Nine out of Ten as a peer-run suicide prevention program. Nine out of Ten is a program by college students, for college students.

The primary goals of the Nine out of Ten program are to enable students to:

  • Recognize the warning signs of suicide
  • Know what resources are available to help
  • Know when and how to respond to a friend who is contemplating suicide
  • Have the confidence to help a friend who may be thinking about suicide

Two out of three college students who contemplate suicide tell a friend first.  Nine out of Ten recognizes that students are often the first to know if a friend is thinking about suicide, but that many are unsure of how they can help. That’s why it’s so important for students to learn how to
respond to a friend in crisis.

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