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Who is Abby?

Abby was a ray of sunshine to everyone who met her. What many could not see behind her smile was that she was struggling with clinical depression and ultimately died by suicide.

Before her death, Abby wrote a list of hopes and aspirations for herself. The following selections inspired the development of the My Friend Abby Instagram account:

#37 – Help Others in a Big Way

#38 – Live a Happy Life 

Many young people struggle like Abby, but there is hope and help available. Abby’s story inspires us to keep living by creating a culture that cares to help prevent suicide in others. 



My Friend Abby is meant to remind everyone that there is hope and there are people around you that care. We invite anyone, especially young adults, to share and tag photos, quotes, stories and other content that connect to the themes of helping others in a big way and living a happy life:


How have you helped others through tough times or how have others helped you? Sometimes, it’s those little acts of kindness that make a big impact.


What are you doing to take care of yourself and live a happy life? This is easier for some people than others but we all experience both pain and joy. What have you learned from the ups and downs of your life? What experience and hope would you share with someone who is going through a hard time?

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Special Mention

My Friend Abby was launched, in part, thanks to a generous dollar-for-dollar match from community leader, Stephen Corman, whose “adopted daughter,” Abby Anderson, died by suicide in 2014 at age 15.

We must let young people like Abby know that they are not alone, that it is ‘ok’ to seek help,”

-Stephen Corman